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    Sequential selects

      Dear All,


      I'm still learning, but I would appreciate help on this. I have a month number table (which I need to index the data):


      LOAD * INLINE [
      Period, PerDesc
      01, Jan
      02, Feb
      03, Mar
      04, Apr
      05, May
      06, Jun
      07, Jul
      08, Aug
      09, Sep
      10, Oct
      11, Nov
      12, Dec

      PerDesc is now a selection list box, showing the moths. How do I enforce a click where, for example, you select 'Aug', and every month up to (and incuding) 'Aug' is selected? Having trolled the discussions, I have not found anything that works!

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          Oleg Troyansky

          I can suggest 2 possible solutions, both assuming that you have 2 separate fields - Month and PerDesc


          1. Using Actions. You can use "OnSelect" trigger for the field PerDesc, and enforse a selection in the field Month every time the user selects or changes PerDesc. You may need to tinker with the field format, but generally, this is the direction.


          2. Using a data modelling technique that I'm calling "as of date", where you create a linking table for the two Month Fields, and you associate a number of Months with each corresponding PerDesc. So, for example, if clicking on March needs to trigger a selection of Jan, Feb and March, then in your table you need to associate Months Jan, Feb and March with PerDesc = March.


          For example:


          Month     PerDesc

          Jan          Jan


          Jan          Feb

          Feb          Feb


          Jan          Mar

          Feb          Mar

          Mar          Mar




          In this case, when PerDesc Mar gets selected, all three associated months will be "selected" (or rather associated with your selection).


          My personal preference is the second solution because it's using QlikView associative logic and not triggers and actions and other "pyrotechnics".




          Oleg Troyansky