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    Creating Date Filters with Different Date Fields

      Hello all,


      I am pretty new to Qlikview and I am trying to create a report. I need to have all different date filters

      such as months, quarters and fiscal years.

      The problem  is I have different charts with different date range. For example for one chart I need

      to have volumes based on sent date and in another chart I need volumes based on the response date.

      When I want to create these  time filters I need to create them based on 1 date ( as a surce) but I don't want that applies to all

      charts in my tab.

      (I have all the dates in one table in my data model).


      So if you faced the same issue I appreciate if you let me know.


      Thank you,


        • Re: Creating Date Filters with Different Date Fields

          Hi Behnaz


          you could create a master calendar with month, quarter, year,... as an island table.

          There are many script examples in the community how to create a calender.

          In the chart objects you need to work with set analysis expressions.



          Create variables for your date fields (Crtl + Alt + V)

          vYear  =Concat(DISTINCT DateIslandYearField,Chr(39)&','&Chr(39))


          Chart 1 Expression:

          sum( {$<SentDateYear = {'$(vYear)'} >} Volume)


          Chart 2 Expression:

          sum( {$<ResponseDateYear = {'$(vYear)'} >} Volume)