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    Conditional count of changes

      Hi all,


      While constructing a application I encountered a issue for which I have created the following example:



      Note: Excel file is attached


      Following rules apply:                                                

      -date revision > date existing ID

      -Valid revision is a increase higher than A of revision for a ID

      -Revisor and approver may never be the same                                                         



      Count of  increase of revisions higher than A per ID where the status is approved and express the outcome per owner.                           


      Expected outcome:
      Group 1=0 AA2087 revision B is working: therefore no count)

      Group 2=3 (counted: AA2678  A to B, B to C, C to D)

      Group 3=2 (counted: AA2345 A to B, B to C)          


      I want to display these values in a chart/table.



      I am not an experienced with Qlikview. I hope you will be able to help me getting into the right direction.



      Thanks in advance!