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    ADDMONTHS problem?



      I want to make a table that has a column for every month from last year till now with the turnover in it, so I made:




      Sum ({$<FACTDAT={">=$(=monthname ( today(), -10 )) <$(=monthname ( today(), -9 ))"}, FIXEDCAR-={"DEL"}>} VERKOOP1)


      But that returns 0 for everything, while there is data.


      If i replace it with


      Sum ({$<FACTDAT={">$(=MAKEDATE(YEAR(NOW(2)-335), MONTH(NOW(2)-335))) <$(=MAKEDATE(YEAR(NOW(2)-305), MONTH(NOW(2)-305)))"}>} VERKOOP1)


      It does work... and gives the right values...


      How is this possible and what am I doing wrong... I can't use the -days because I won't know how many days there are between now and 11 months ago.


      Anyone have an idea?

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          Azam Mullick



          The examples all give slightly different date values, which may play a part in why the 3rd example works and the others don't?


          Anyway, I've attached an example that works (hopefully) with AddMonths() and I've used a different set analysis syntax, which I find easier to read (but that's just me, although I couldn't get your syntax to work, but maybe I was just having a cut and paste problem).


          Hope it helps,