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    how to display a chart based on a selected item in a list object

      I have an excel sheets where I have three columns - say Date, StanC_IPR, Airtel_IPR;


      In my Qlikview sheet, I am plotting a graph x-axis ->- Date and in y-axis --> StanC_IPR, Airtel_IPR



      I am creating another list object that lists two items taken from a different excel sheet. The list contains 2 values - Stanc, Airtel.


      by default, right now, my graph shows both StanC_IPR and Airtel_IPR.


      I want to control the display based on what is selected in the list. that is, if the user selects, Stanc, the graph should plot - date vs StanC_IPR.



      if the user selects Airtel, then the graph should plot date vs Airtel_IPR


      I am not sure what to write in the 'Condition' in Graph object.


      Any help is appreciated.


      I understand that if i store values in the excel sheet differently, this thing will be automatically taken care by Qlikview. But unfortunately, i cannot change this.