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    Value and Percentage in sale BAR Chart

      Hi ,


      I have created a chart having Value and percentage in same Bar as shown below by dual function.

      But as i was asked to project the same without the dual function.



      Value & %.png


      Used by Me:

      =dual (num(Sum(Margin)/100000,'##,##0.00L') &' - '& num(Sum(Margin)/Sum(all Margin),'0.00%') ,Sum(Margin)/100000)




      Please can anyone help me on he above.....



      Thanks in Advance,


        • Re: Value and Percentage in sale BAR Chart
          Arjun Arjun

          Hi Baala,


          You can try like this,

          For this you need to create 2 expressions.

          1. Sum(Sales)

          2. =(sum(Sales) &'

              '& Num(sum(Sales)/sum(TOTAL Sales),'##0.0%'))


          Then you need to Group these expressions and for the second expression check 'Relative check box', and uncheck 'Bar'.

          And choose % sign in the number tab for the 2nd expression.

          Make sure to enable 'Values on Data Point' in expression tab for both the expressions.


          Hope this will help you.