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    Top N,Other and Grand Totals

    Raghav Kondaveti



      We have  requirements to show Sales amonut by Site. 



      SiteSales Cost 1Cost 2Time PCProfitability
      manchster 5434
      New York4560
      Top 5 sales Total 21294


      All measure have complex set analysis formulas.


      We are able to develop this using calculated dimension:


      =If(Dummy=1 and aggr(rank($(vSales)),Site)<=vTopCustomer,Site,if(Dummy=1 and aggr(rank($(vSales)),Site)> vTopCustomer,Dual('Others Clients',-1),

            if(Dummy=2 and aggr(rank($(vSales)),Site)<= vTopCustomer,Dual('Top ' & vTopCustomer & ' by Sales Total',1),Null())))


      we have 4 tabales like this on same sheet by showing same data diffrent dimensions ( like top 10 clients, top 10 projects,...)


      All are working fine, but have occupying 50Gb memory  when slect year 2012, 2012 due data for those years and taking 2  mins time load when slection are made.


      Is there any best way to impletement to reduce amount memory  it is occupying.


      we are on QV 10 , Would it possible to do this using QV 11 dimension limit ?