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    Date in Month




      I have an excel file with all dates of the year. I dont have the month inside the excel. Is it possible to get the month in QV that i can select them by month with july and not with "7"?

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          Sree Anarasi

          Hi  ,

          Yes its possible  create an inline table and join with the month of the excel file



          LOAD * INLINE [

              Month_ID, Month, Quarter

              1, Jan,Q1

              2, Feb, Q1

              3, Mar, Q1

              4, Apr, Q2

              5, May, Q2

              6, Jun, Q2

              7, Jul, Q3

              8, Aug, Q3

              9, Sep, Q3

              10, Oct, Q4

              11, Nov, Q4

              12, Dec, Q4





          load   Date,

                   Month(Date)   AS Month,

          from excelfile..


          Here u r joing with the month field to  the inline table ,

          so by default whaterver the month number u get selected  respective month name is shown..


          If ur still unclear about this ,

          post a sample file ..




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            Tresesco B

            I believe you meant month is there but in numeric format, if it is so, you can read the excel date in qlikview like the following (to get the month name):



                      Date(Yourdatefield, 'DD-MMM-YYYY') as QVDate,

                      Date(Yourdatefield,'MMM') as Month


            From  <Excel path>;

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              Cesar Accardi



              If you want to just convert from numeric to text representation you can do this way:


                   Date(Date#(ExcelMonth,'MM'),'MMM') as MonthDescription