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    Bookmarks & Expression Sequence

      What is the expected behaviour with re: to expression order/ sequence and bookmarks and other end-user changes?


      Users are becoming frustrated in that the order of the expressions is not in line with what they were expecting.


      Is the sequence of expressions stored as part of the bookmark definition? That would be the expected behaviour but I dont believe that this is whats being observed.


      This becomes particularly important as certain bookmarked views depend on a particular expression to support a Y-value sort; the chart used is a pivot table.


      In my own (narrow-minded) view I would expect the order sequence to be how I last saved it (as the developer) and otherwise can only be changed for a particular user (by that user). For example,


      User A opens app and sees Sales Retail, Sales Units, Sales AUR; how i last saved it (as he developer).


      User A decides to put their chart into a straight table and move Sales AUR all the way to the left.


      User B opens same app and sees the same order User A observed when they first opened the app.


      User B decides to select a bookmark which shifts Sales Units to the left.


      User A and User B close the app.


      Users A, B and C re-open the app and see the same default order of Sales Retail, Sales Units and Sales AUR.


      Thanks for any insight.