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    Both image and text info in Straight Table column

    Andrea Monico



      I was wondering whether it is possible to have both image and text info presented in a straight table column (though I believe the question is object independent).

      I bundled an icon to a field called Label. The image, though, is only available for telephone, fax, email, and website (see attached image).Capture15.PNG


      The specific dimension is defined as:
      = If(Info(FirmDetails.Label) ='', FirmDetails.Label, Info(FirmDetails.Label))



      I set the "Representation" property of the column to "Image" and did not tick the "Hide text when image missing" checkbox.


      This is what I am having in webview:




      Is it possible to have the same desktop layout in webview using a single column?


      Thank you all for your help!