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    Expressor: 255 Charcter Limit

      I'm working with an Excel file, and there is a field whose data length varies from 0 to 4000 characters.  The Excel file connector is not working due to a bug (when creating the scheme, it doesn't find my Excel file because it replaces the backslashes in the filename with double-backslashes).  So, I've created a 32-bit ODBC connection to the Excel file, and doing a Read Table from that in Expressor.


      The problem is, the auto-generated Schema puts all my char fields as VARCHAR(255).  Any thoughts on how to get around that?



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          What exactly do you mean that you can't create a schema with the Excel extension functionality?


          What is the path\name of the Excel file you are trying to use?


          And what version of Expressor are you using?

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              I am running 3.9.1 build 24933


              Here is what happens:


              1) I add a 'Read Excel' to a Dataflow


              2) I set up a Connection to the path the Excel file is stored ( C:\users\paulywally\documents )


              3) I choose "New Excel Schema"


              4) I select the file ( data.xlsx ) using the Connection I just created in step 2


              5) I click 'Next' without changing any of the 'Field Import Options' (of course, I've tried it with changes also)


              6) I receive an Error Message Box:




              An error occurred retrieving the list of items:


              Unable to load Excel Workbook 'C:\\users\\paulywally\\documents\\data.xlsx': 'Zip Memory Allocation Failure'




              To me, it looks like Expressor or the Excel Extension has a bug in the manner it parses backslashes.  Either way, I have been unable to open any Excel file with the Excel extension.

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                OK... Well... it seems that I only receive the aforementioned error with large Excel files.  The one I was having trouble with had 1,000,000 rows.


                I was able to successfully use the Read Excel operator with one that had ~22,000 rows.