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    Issues with iPad version of QlikView

      Hi All,


      I am in a situation wherein I need some expertise
      guidance. It will be of great help if you can answer few of my questions.



      I am developing a QlikView dashboard for iPad which is
      supposed to be accessed via Safari browser, and the dashboard consists of 4
      sheets. Now the problem is that length(height) of every sheet is different and
      on iPad it takes the maximum length of the sheet across the dashboard, because
      of which I can see lot of white space in the bottom of the sheet.



      1. Is there any way out for this sort of situation?
      2. When I switch from one sheet to other by clicking on a
        button which is at the bottom of the first sheet, Qlikview navigates me to the
        next but at the same position( Instead it should take me to the top of the next
        sheet ).








      Above are the two major questions which are raising ? on
      iPad version of QlikView.



      Any help will be highly appreciated.