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    Referencing a include that contains a sub

    Paul Johansson



      I reference a .qvs(func_db_connect.qvs) from my script like this: 




      This .qvs(func_db_connect.qvs) is a sub that in turn reference another .qvs (DB_Connect.qvs) 




      END SUB


      DB_Connect.qvs is just a connection string.


      When i take the code in DB_Connect and use it directly in the script - there is no problem. But when I call it as above, I dont manage to get a connection.  Anyone have any idea what the reason could be? Do i need to include func_db_connect.qvs in some different way since it containts parameters and since its a sub?? 


      Any ideas are welcome, 

      Thanks in advance,

      br Paul