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    Change Set Analysis Expression

    Bradley Coyne

      HI i have the following expression;



      (Sum({$<Lagernr={$(LagerNr)}>} Lagernr.Lagersaldo)


      -Sum({$<OrderRad.Lagernr={$(LagerNr)}>} (-1*(mLEV_STAT-1)) * #FSG_ord_ant*mFSG)


      +Sum({$<IOR.Lagernr={$(LagerNr)}>} #FSG_ord_ant * mINK * ((mLEV_STAT-1)*-1)))




      i wish to remove the variable and use only the field Lagernr.


      i have tried with the following statement however recieve incorrect  value whereby it gives me the total of all Lagernr.

      i wish only for the selected Lagernr to appear.


      (Sum({$<Lagernr=>} Lagernr.Lagersaldo)


      -Sum({$<OrderRad.Lagernr=>} (-1*(mLEV_STAT-1)) * #FSG_ord_ant*mFSG)




      #FSG_ord_ant * mINK * ((mLEV_STAT-1)*-1)))