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    Date in table only is displayed after select - firstSortedValue



      I'm wondering about my firstSortedValue function...

      In my Project i have a table chart with following Dimensions and Expressions:





           - SERIAL_NO




           - Max({<Date={'<=$(currentDate)'}>}Value_Amount)              


                     -> Seems to work fine


           - Date(FirstSortedValue(Date,-Aggr(Max({<Date={'<=$(currentDate)'}>}Value_Amount),Value_Amount)))


                     -> for some values directly shown, for others i have to select a SERIAL_NO


           - Avg({<Date={'<=$(currentDate)'}>}Value_Amount)              


                     -> Seems to work also fine


      To make this more clear, some screenshots.

      Sry for censored fields, but i rly cant share the project^^


      Without Selection, the table chart look like NoSelect.png and after select like selected.png...


      The funny is, the Date is correct^^ But why only after select?


      Thanks for any help:)