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    how to report on SAP SET Articles

      Ladies and gentlemen,


      does anybody of you have experiences with reporting on SAP SET articles? I would like to have a look on ECC and QlikView side.

      In our company the process is as followed:


      STEP 1:

      SET Article in customer orders includes all components that make up that set including row which stands for SET itself.


      (1) SET x = Amount 1, Value 100, Costs 90

      (2) article y = Amount 1, Value 0, Costs 0

      (3) article z = Amount 1, Value 0, Costs 0

      (4) article aa = Amount 1, Value 0, Costs 0


      STEP 2:

      (1) SET x Article is being billed and only this one is in the invoice.


      And now -> our controlling departement wants to see costs on all the rest of the positions (2 - 4), which revenue we made with each product/article, NOT set.


      Is there any possibility to redistribute the values and drag the positions from order into invoice for this analysis purpose?


      How would you design this issue?


      Thank you very much in advance