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    Removing duplicate people with many fields



      I have a database with the following information:





      Person.IdNumber (which consists of birthdate DDMMYY-NNNN and four characters in the end)


      The case is that all people have all five, all people have something in Person.IdNumber but not in standard form and some people might have their first names or last names in the opposite fields. Birthdate is most likely a field which everybody has but there might be some duplicates because people might have been born on the same day. I'm thinking of doing this in the following way:


      Rows are duplicates:


      IF IdNumbers are same


      or all of the following apply:


      Person.IdNumber is not in a standard form MMDDYY-NNNN because NNNN might be missing

      IF BirthDates are the same

      IF LastNames are the same

      IF FirstNames are the same


      I'm having trouble starting to script this. Could someone help me out?


      All the best,