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    File Connection Path - Assigning Parameter

    Jamie Hicks

      I have a Project that references a Library. In the Library, I have my connections and a configuration that I set up for Dev, QA, & Prod environments. In the configuration, I created 2 parameters - one for staging file location & the other for DataModel file location. There is a path for each value set (Dev, QA, Prod). How do I associate the file connection artifact with the configuration? I see where you can associate a dataflow, but the connection artifacts are not necessarily part of the data flow. When I click on the action button to select parameters for the file path, I get an empty drop-down menu.




      Jamie Hicks

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          I'm not quite following what you are doing but I'll explain how to do what I think you want.


          In the Read File and Write File operators, you can't specify the name of a connection as a parameter, you must enter the name of a connection artifact.


          In the connection artifact, however, you can specify the path by entering a parameter name.


          It is probably easiest to define a separate configuration artifact for Dev, QA and Prod.  In each of these, create the same two entries: staging and datamodel.  But, enter the appropriate location for each group as the values for these entries.


          Then when you run the dataflow, simply specifying the proper configuration artifact will set the dataflow for the desired group.


          Note that before running the dataflow, you must associate the configuration artifacts with the dataflow.  In the Dataflow > Build ribbon bar, use the Configuration References button and add all three configuration artifacts.

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              Jamie Hicks

              Thanks John! Just went through an onsite Expressor Traning last week and heard your name alot.


              What I was actually looking for was for the parameter values to be present in the drop down menu on the file connection artifact



              My parameters do not appear, so that was throwing me off. I went ahead and manually typed them in and ran the dataflow. That worked just fine.


              Is there a reason for having a seperate Configuration artifact for each environment instead of setting up 3 Value Sets (Dev,QA,Prod)? I have mine set up with 1 artifact, 3 Value sets and it worked the way I was expecting.


              Thanks again,