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    How to compare a daily base to a monthly base week by week?

      Hi, everyone. I'm new to QlikView.


      I'm having problems to develop a graphic. I want to compare my "actual" to my goal. I have this database from where I can count my actual amount day by day and another base where I have monthly goals. In my graphic, I compare actual and goal week by week. To sum the days to make the actual weeks is pretty ok to me, but I'm finding a hard time to divide the monthly goal into average days and the add them up to create the weekly goal. I need to do that because users can choose how many days each week will have, as long as they complete the number of days of that month. Eg. January -  Week 1 = the first 10 days, Week 2 - 6 days, Week 3 - 8 days, Week 4 - 7 days.


      I've tried to create a calculated expression to be my "daily goal", but I'm not even close. You can check the file Graphic 1 to understand it better.


      [actual] is daily

      [goal]  is monthly


      Thank you very much.