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    Calculating time interval using current time

      Hey guys,


      I have a requirement to take a time interval of a set daily cutoff time and the the current day's time.  I have loaded the cutoff timestamp in the time([cutoff time]) format. 

      What I want to do is write an if statement if the current time passes the cutoff time to display a status i.e. 'Incomplete'/'Complete'.


      My problem is that when I write out my condition =if([Allocation Cutoff] < time(now()), 'Complete', 'Test') my output is 'Complete' for all times regardless of whether or not the current time greater than the cutoff time.  When I hard code a time of '4:00 PM' the condition works fine, but it seems time(now()) or any version of that - time(today()), time(localtime()) doesn't seem to recognize the relationship correctly in the condition.  I have even loaded a getdate() timestamp from my SQL load.


      Is there another function/method I should be using correctly establish this relationship between cutoff time and the current time?