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    Dynamic number of expressions in chart

      I'm using a report measuring task duration during the last year.


      In it I've got a chart that shows average of TaskDuration per month, as per below:


      Dimension = Month(TaskCreated)

      Expression = Avg(TaskDuration)


      This gives me one line with the average task duration.


      However, the report also shows X number of products and the duration per product. I would like to have a separate line for each product in the same graph, to be able to compare the products. So how do I get each product to have a separate line in the chart, shown dynamically based on what products are selected? I guess I don't have to add an expression for each product but that there is a smarter way.


      I could add a separate graph for each product but there are 30 different ones and at times only a few of them will be selected.


      In short: How do I get X lines in the chart based on X products?