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    Using sum between different dimensions

      Hello everybody,


      I've the following issue.


      I want to show the two values the sum of sales-data and the sum of fielddays in a pivot-table.
      The first one (sales data) is linked to a company, the second one (fielddays) is just linked to a salesrep.
      Now, when I show this data in the pivot table, everything is summed up clearly by the salesrep on the top level.

      Doing the drill-down to a lower hierachy, like the customer-level, only the sum over the sales data is visible; the sum over the fielddays is 0.


      My goal is now to show the sum also in the column of the fielddays - even if it's only available for a salesrep.


      Normally this should be a standard functionality in qlikview (well I think so), but I also think, that this might be as a result of my data model.
      Here a fact-table is used, where different measures are loaded into one big 'file', just seperated by a type - in order to be handled by one date-field or one product-field etc.


      So is there a way to solve my issue. I've tried it with the total-function, but didn't get the proper result.


      Attached you'll find the used qvw.


      Thank you in advance.