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    How to number SubField results?

      I need to number the SubField() function results so you can identify each part individually, see the code:


      Load * Inline [
      Id, Text
      1, ‘part a,part b,partc’
      2, ‘part a,part d,part e’
      Load Id, 
      SubField(Text,’,’) as SubText, 
      magicfunction() as Order


      Expected result:



      Id     SubText     Order

      1     part a          1

      1     part b          2

      1     part c          3

      2     part a          1

      2     part d          2

      2     part e          3


      Right now I'm using RecNo() generating secuential number but gives me huge numbers for the last records.


      Any idea what magicfunction() can be?


      Thank you!