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    Different fields count in one table

    Nuno Faustino

      Hi guys.


      I build these two tables and I want to integrate the values, by month, from the second table into the first table, using something like the last expression (in red, not working).


      Var 1(a date field) has a much lower count than Var 2 (a string field with full month names).


      Is this possible? Could anyone suggest a working formula?


      Thank you very much for your time.


      Kind regards,




      Var1 ->Jul-2013Aug-2013Sep-2013Oct-2013Nov-2013Dec-2013Jan-2014Feb-2014Mar-2014Apr-2014May-2014Jun-2014
      Expression 11232482173244356976
      Expression 206023100000100
      Expression 3040100000000
      Expression 4300000000000
      =count(total if(left(Var2,3)=month(avg(Var1)), Id))------------


      left(Var2,3) ->JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
      = count(Var2)228921032642239021622227217623362662212318771499