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    QlikView Developer Architect Needed, St. Paul, MN or Hartford, CT

      Order: TRVJP490

      Job Title: QlikView Developer Architect

      Location: St. Paul, MN Pref, or Hartford, CT

      Duration:  4 Months




      Candidate must possess Qlikview experience and support the following criteria.

      o Hands on professional with thorough knowledge of Qlikview scripting, advanced GUI development in Qlikview and In depth Qlikview Publisher knowledge being beneficial

      o Strong knowledge on Qlikview server architecture and building QVD's and QVW's applying business rules and data validations.

      o Must have developed enterprise applications for use in production environments using Qlikview. Well versed with deployment methodologies

      o Good experience in end-to-end implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) projects, especially in scorecards, reports & dashboards.

      o Experienced in data source integration - Good understanding of their Data Models and ETL procedures.

      o Possess strong knowledge of SQL and databases

      o Possess good concepts in Business Intelligence and Data warehousing with experience in Star Schema/Snowflake modeling, FACTS & Dimension tables

      o Possess good analytical and communication skills (this trait is important and the person should be thinking of his feet).

      o Good level of comfort using VB Scripts to write Macros in QlikView and/or Excel

      o Should have architected and implemented QlikView in a high availability clustered environment

      o Willingness to learn about business processes, and data ( systems/ returns/ performance/ drivers) to create robust and comprehensive analyses via technology solutions

      o Capable of multitasking & prioritizing in a fast paced and agile work environment

      o Attention to detail and a passion to produce a quality product

      o Understanding Qlikview security model and be able to provide various solution options

      o Help provide solutions for Performance Monitoring and capacity planning

      o Help provide solutions to determine best models for performance