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    Problem with separate plateforms \ IIS 7 \ digital certificates...

    Matthieu BUREL

      Hi everybody,


      I try to install a QlikView plateform with 2 servers (not in a domain) :

        - Machine 1 named "QVFRONT" on which is installed only IIS Support

        - Machine 2 named "QVBACK" on which are installed QlikView QVS / QVDS / QMC / DSC


      On each machine, services are executed by a local services account who are member of the local admin group.

      During the install, I choose "digital certificate" for security / communication between services.


      Everything seems to work :

        - accesspoint / iis is mentionned as "running" in the QMC

        - netstat on "QVFRONT / QVBACK" indicate me a communication over port 4750 between machines


      ... but I have the message "No Server" in the accesspoint... while the same install / same network / same server with QVWS works perfectly.


      In addition, when I change the authentification mode in the QMC, the modification is done correctly on the web server (with IIS).

      Communications between servers works ... so why I have "No Server" message ?


      Any ideas ?