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    Objects in minimized Containers are calculated

    Jens Frederik Kristiansen

      Hi all,


      I have an issue with an application being slow to change between tabs.

      Every tab contains besides a few listboxes several containers. Each Container consists of 4-5 to obejcts in the form of either Straight Tables og Graphs. Some of the containers are build up with two container layers, that is a container inside a container.


      So here's the weird part. Alle the containers are minimed by default, so when changing to a tab, there really shouldn't be anything to calculate. Even so it takes around 30 sek before the change is completed.


      I've anylyzed the .mem-file, and it tells that the objects inside the minimized the containers are taking up calculation time.


      Can anyone tell if this behaviour is normal, and perhaps give a solution to eliminate the calculation time?