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    failed to open the document when using qlikview webpart from different computer

    ervin jafari


      I have a same problem I have SharePoint and qlikview server in two different server and I could successfully installed qlikview webpart with proxy in sharepoint server and config web part to show the qlikview object and I could see the result in the sharepoint server with user A successfully and all done successfully but I could not see the result in other computer with same user (user A) and see the error "failed to open the document, you don’t have access to this document",


      Environment specific:


      Qlikview server on server X

      SharePoint on server Y

      Qlikview webpart license Yes

      User A has access to the document and object

      Document and object available in qlikview access point from different computer for user A


      Please share your experience

      Best Wishes,