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    Vbs - passing parameters to opendoc or opendocex

      Hi everyone,

      thanks for all your solutions and good topics of this community.


      I have a issue with automating the reloading of qvw with vbs. Indeed, I would like to reload a bunch of apps with a batch script.


      Thus, I first used the qv.exe command line with /r and /l arguments but I faced an issue with the progress window that does not automatically close.

      So I then found the vbs solution, using the opendocex function which allow a "progress mode" and avoid this progress window. This nicely works, except that I can not find out how to pass parameters to this method (same as /v argument with the qv.exe command line).


      I searched my friend google but have not found out the answer. Any idea ?


      Thanks by advance for you help.