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    Trigger an action based on another trigger



      I have a field by name "Product", i have a listbox to select products.

      I am storing the selected products in a variable and passing that variable in a expression in a chart.

      i have a select all and clear all button above the chart.

      when a user select any product from listbox,it will select that product and store it in a variable.

      If a user click on select all button, then it should select all the products (before this, one product was selected in a listbox).

      I have written a trigger on Select all button,

      select in field : productname

      search string : *


      here problem is, the user has already selected one product and then tries to click select all button.

      it is not selecting all products on click of a button in Ajax View.

      if i try to clear that field on some other button then click on Select all, then it works fine.

      so i want to trigger an action based on another trigger.

      Is it possible to do this?


      I have used *, it is not working in Ajax, if one product is selected already.

      I tried using '(product1|product2|product3)'  in search string on trigger, it is selecting values but in a chart, it shows no data to display.

      because am passing product selection values to a chart.


      How can i select all products other than using '*' or using '|'?

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          You can use only one Select in Field action with as search string: ='(' & concat({1} distinct chr(34) & Product & chr(34), '|') & ')'


          Or you can add two actions to your Select All button instead of one:

          1. a Clear Field action for field Product
          2. a Select Possible action also for field Product

          Make sure the Clear Field action is on top so it executes before the second action does.