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    Set Analysis not working

      I am trying to use set analysis (example below) but all I am getting is '-' in the table.


      Sum({<Year={2012,2013,2014}>} if(Planner.Metric='Responses',Planner.Forecast)/sum({<Planner.Metric={'Calls\Clicks'}>} Planner.Forecast))


      Any help would be appriciated.


        • Re: Set Analysis not working
          Henric Cronström

          It is not possible to have an aggregation function inside another aggregation function here. It has nothing to do with the Set analysis.


          It looks as if you are trying to calculate a percentage, No of Responses over No of Calls\Clicks. Then you should have one aggregation function divided by another, e.g. Sum(Responses)/Sum("Calls\Clicks")