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    How do I maintain the Custom User passwords when migrating the directory to a new server?

    Phil Bishop

      I am in the process of migrating an existing custom user directory from one server (running V10) to a new server (running V11.2). I have installed and set up the new server and copied the CustomDirectoryData.xml file. I open QMC and browse the Users tab under System Setup ... Directory Service Connectors ... DSC ... Custom Directory. I can see all my users and groups were migrated over.

      When I try to login with a known user and password, however, it fails to authenticate. I opened the CustomDirectoryData.xml file and noticed that the <Password> hash is different than it was in the same file on my old server. I can manually update the password in QMC and this resolves the issue, but I really do not wish to do this for 100 users.

      I'm not sure if this is due to:

      1. The change from QV10 to QV11.2

      2. The password hash is based on the server name and therefore needs to be reset when migrating to a new server

      3. I don't think this is the case, but maybe the PGO or META files from the previous server can affect the Custom User passwords?

      Any help would be appreciated.