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    Buttons work in desktop but not in browser

    Ben Gottesman

      We're on QVS 10 SR4. I have a dashboard with four simple buttons that execute Select in Field. The buttons work properly in the desktop app but two of them don't work in the IE plug-in or the AJAX client. I don't see any settings to change. I tried Ctrl-Shift-M to see if that would do the trick although it's not practical for me to require that our users do that.


      The buttons do the following:


      Button1: Select In Field - [Customer Type Id] - (4|7|8) <-- Works properly

      Button 2: Select in Field - [Customer Type Id] - 4 <-- Works properly

      Button 3: Select in Field - [Customer Type Id] - 7 <-- Clears the field instead

      Button 4: Select in Field - [Customer Type Id] - 8 <-- Clears the field instead


      Any ideas what's wrong here? Thanks.