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    Pivot table expression format diffrence

      Hi everyone,


      I have a pivot table sum that it does not show if i format my expresion in a specific way.

      The sums show correctly at the 1st expression:


      if( b.Year < SubField(vTODAY,'-',1),sum(b.QtyInvoiced),if(b.Month < SubField(vTODAY,'-',2),sum(b.QtyInvoiced),sum(b.ForecastQty)))


      But do not show at the 2nd expression:


      sum(if( b.Year < SubField(vTODAY,'-',1),b.QtyInvoiced,if(b.Month < SubField(vTODAY,'-',2),b.QtyInvoiced,b.ForecastQty)))


      Can anyone enlighten me what is the diffrence between those two???as well as when to use one or another???