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    How to set a dimension to consider weeks when I choose a especific date?



      I have a bar graph with a dimension called "Week". This field tells the corresponding week of a date of the year, like shown in the table below.

      My problem is that I want the graph to show all 4 weeks (there's always four weeks per month) of the particular month that I choose. But for other analisys purposes, the user also have to choose a exact day, and when he does that, the graph only shows the especific week of that date.


      I want the graph to consider the year and the month chosen to give me always the four weeks of that month, but I want the dimenson to disconsider the "day", so it won´t give me just the one week of that especific date.


      Thanks for helping.


      JAN 011/1/13
      JAN 012/1/13
      JAN 013/1/13
      JAN 014/1/13
      JAN 015/1/13
      JAN 016/1/13
      JAN 017/1/13
      JAN 028/1/13
      JAN 029/1/13
      JAN 0210/1/13
      JAN 0211/1/13
      JAN 0312/1/13
      JAN 0313/1/13
      JAN 0314/1/13