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    Using space and ( in strings

    Gustav Gager

      Hi. Im currently creating my first QV app and so far so good. However im now stuck at a very simple but anoying problem.

      The apps is currently loading data from CSV files and it all worked fine in my own computer. But when i moved it to our server, it didnt work. Ive narrowed the problem down to the path of the CSV, witch I add do a varible using:
      SET path_errorlogs='C:\Program Files (x86)\App\CSV\errorlogs\';  //varible for dir with errorlogs


      The varible doesnt get the entire name, only the: "C:\Program Files" path. If i use other paths with space in it, it works. However when i use a path with a space and then (, i get this error. Seems to be aproblem when yo use: " ("


      Any idees on how so sort it?