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    Help with basic QlikView Expression

      Hi All,


      I wonder if you could help as I’m poor at Qlik View expression writing. Below are 2 separate expressions to get the count of a column based on the occurrence of 2 other values:


      • DB Data Center
      • State


      I want to combine the 2, but don’t know how to use the ‘and’ function in Qlik View. I want to write 2 things..


      1. 1.  If DBDataCenter = PA or PI and State = Migrated.....then count logicaldb_rem_id etc.
      2. 2.  If DBDataCenter = PA or PI and State = Is Null / Blank.....then count logicaldb_rem_id etc.


      Can anyone help? On a side point is there a dummies guide to the syntax for QV?


      Many thanks