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    Conditional Show Using Multiple Options for Text Object

      I have a text box covering a table that without selections made is too large and displays the error message, "Out of object memory". So I'm forcing users to narrow the data retrieval.  Once they've made the required selections the text box disappears off of the table.


      Users must select a Well_Prospect AND a Well_Pad ...... OR .......must select a Well_Name


      I can get the below to work as individuals on the text box in the Layout Properties.


      (GetSelectedCount(Well_Prospect) < 1) + (GetSelectedCount(Well_Pad) < 1)  ...  works


      (GetSelectedCount(Well_Name) < 1) ... works


      How do I combine the two correctly?

      (GetSelectedCount(Well_Name) < 1) or ((GetSelectedCount(Well_Prospect) < 1) + (GetSelectedCount(Well_Pad) < 1)) ... does not work



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          Oleg Troyansky

          First, I'd recommend doing the same, using a "Calculation Condition" and a custom Error Message.


          You can formulate a condition that needs to be fulfilled, before the chart gets calculated - this way, the chart won't have to work hard before going "Out of Memory". Then, you can replace the default Error Message "Calculation Condition unfulfilled with a more user friendly message, like "Please select a Prospect and a Pad and ...".


          So, this eliminates the need in the extra text object.


          Now, in order to formulate your condition, you need to use keywords "and" / "or", to simplify your condition. For example:


          (GetSelectedCount(Well_Name) < 1) or ((GetSelectedCount(Well_Prospect) < 1) and  (GetSelectedCount(Well_Pad) < 1))




          Oleg Troyansky