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    Set Analysis Expression for SQL query

      Hi All....


      Can anyone please provide me with the Set analysis expreesion in qlikview for the following sql code:


      SELECT          COUNT(DISTINCT EP.enc_proc_id) AS [Procs],




                          INNER JOIN ENCOUNTER_PROCEDURE EP ON

                          PE.encounter_id = EP.encounter_id

                          INNER JOIN EOM_CLIENT_CYCLES ECC ON

                          EP.client_id = ECC.client_id AND

                          EP.enc_proc_date_of_entry BETWEEN ECC.open_date AND ECC.close_date

      WHERE          PE.client_id = 53 AND

                          PE.pat_enc_inv_flag IS NULL AND

                          EP.enc_proc_base_units IS NULL AND

                          EP.enc_proc_time_units IS NULL AND

                          EP.procedure_code_id NOT LIKE '%F' AND

                          ECC.date_stamp_year = 2013

      GROUP BY ECC.date_stamp_month,


      ORDER BY ECC.date_stamp_year, ECC.date_stamp_month



      it is quite urgent and i am not getting as to how i should define the null condition in set analysis...