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    Deploying to server using TFS

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm trying to work out the easiest way to deploy a .qvw update to our server using TFS (Team Foundation Server). TFS is all set up, I can check in and out. I also have two workspaces set up in TFS, my local and the server- which is the deployment area. The issue comes up when I do an update to the server workspace using TFS. This updates the -prj folder, but that change is not realized unless the .qvw is opened and saved. However, if it is left to only the scheduler to refresh the document (or running it from the Qlikview management console), the updates do not show up, I assume because the document was not manually opened. I want to avoid having to open the document a second time to do the update, is there anyway to do this through TFS or the management console?


      I'm hoping to hear of any best practice around this, otherwise I will keep it as a manual deployment where we move the .qvw and overwrite server files to deploy through windows explorer, instead of through Visual Studio/TFS.


      Any insights appreciated, Thanks!