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    concatenate statement, lost data question

      Dear QlikView Community,


      I load several Excel-Tables into my QlikView document. The loaded data for internal budgets gets lost every time I close my file. I have used the concatenate statement with CrossTableFinal. The problem is the same if I load the table without concatenate the statement. What I do:

      1. Open the file saved on the server


      2. Run the load script ==> All data is up-to-date


      3. Save the file on the server

      4. Close the file

      5. Re-open the file (from server or QlikView Access Point) ==> Layout changes, script changes, and all data except for one table (see load script above for missing data) are up-to-date.


      I am using a section access on this document with strict data reduction on opening (NTNAME and NTNAME2). I can see all restricted data after reload, only the one table is lost after saving… However I do not have the problem if I deactivate the data reduction. I can see all entries for “Account” and “Order_Description” so I cannot understand why I cannot see the data for “BudgetData”


      Do you have any idea who to solve this problem?


      Thank you!