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    Problems with Illuminate Queries


      Hi to everybody;

      I have a problem linking Illuminate data base with QlikView. I can see all tables, but I can't see querys on QLikView. I use an ODBC connection.

      From "illuminate Product Support" tell me that I must use CALL statment. Just like this:

      {call StoredQueryName('arg1', 'arg2' ...)}
      {call StoredQueryName()}
      {call MySales('2006-01-30 11:10:35','2006-01-30 23:59:54')}

      I have tried with these statements on QlikView Editor:
      {call StoredQueryName()}
      {call StoredQueryName()
      SQL {call StoredQueryName()}
      SQL * FROM {call StoredQueryName()}
      SQL * FROM call StoredQueryName()
      Obiously, changing the name of the query. (Case sensitive)

      When I save the script and I execute a download process, it crashes.

      So... How can I see the queries created on Illuminate into QlikView?