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    Is it possible to filter my chart dimension with set analysis instead of if?

      I have a qlikview document about some places with each place having X and Y coordinates. I want to display data in a straight table, but only for the places in an user-defined area. This area is defined by 4 variables X_MIN, Y_MIN, X_MAX and Y_MAX which the user can define them through 2 sliders objects.

      In order to filter the chart to only display places included in this area, I first try a calculated dimension with this expression:

      if(X>X_MIN AND X <X_MAX AND Y>Y_MIN AND Y<Y_MAX, placeID, Null() )


      It works as I want, however the performance quickly decreases when there is a lot of data. I know that set analysis perform a lot better than if statements but I do not know how to replace my expression to use a set analysis instead of an if. Set analysis can change the set of data on which an aggregate function operates, however I am not aggregating anything here, only filtering the placeID field based on a condition.


      Is it possible to use a set analysis instead of the if ? Is there a better way to achieve what I want?