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    Server objects - only sheets disappear

    Alejandro Hernandez

      I’m having an issue with a big customer where all server objects they create persist, except sheets. Any object they create on existing sheets remain, but the sheets they create are not displayed when they restore the session.


      I can see the all objects correctly in QMC-User Documents-Server Objects and the .shared files, but only sheets aren't being displayed in Desktop/IE8+plugin/IE8+ajax. Document Properties-Security allows adding sheets. I've tested with a full productive app, as well as a new basic app with sample info.


      Customer is on 11 sr2 (11440). Their setup is as follows:


      5 servers:


      1 running QMS, QVWS

      2 running clustered QVS & DSC

      2 running clustered QDS


      on the QDS servers they setup a windows cluster for the storage.


      This sounds like a bug to me, but I don’t see this in the 11.2 release notes and customer doesn't want to upgrade unless I can prove this was addressed in a later version. Can anyone confirm if this a bug?