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    Can we use Server Bookmark on Expression ??

      Hi All,


      Can i use Server Bookmark or User Bookmark Created on Access point in my expression. ??????


      > I have Created a Bookmark "BM01" on access point via Input Box & Button Action Event.


      > I got this bookmark stored in Variable = vVar1


      > In Chart I want to use  =  Sum ( {vVar1} Sales)



      Its working fine for Document bookmark, but its not working when i created any bookmark on server. Looking for your Inputs and Suggestions on the same.



      Thanks & Regards

      Ashwin Pagare

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          Rajesh Vaswani

          Hi Ashwin,


          Please try to use a + or * in front of teh Bookmark.


          Example: sum({$*[FVSA]} [Transaction Amount])

          FVSA is the name of my bookmark




          Rajesh Vaswani

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              Hi Rajesh,


              Thanks for a quick response, but that solution does not work.


              I want to use Bookmark that you will create as user on access point.


              Suppose -

              I have created a Bookmark , BM01 &  BM02 on acess point. Now i have a Input Box where i have given my bookmark name.


              Input Box ( vVar )  = BM01


              in chart I want to write expression =  sum ( $ {vVar}  Transaction Amount )   its not working



              I have tried sum ( $*{vVar}  Transaction Amount )   sum ( $ +{vVar}  Transaction Amount )  too its not giving me results.


              Any other clues