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    How to calculate an expression on based of a Dimension which is not present in the table

    goirik ghosh

      Hello QA Community,

      I am new in Qlikview and need a help for a problem.


      In my report I have "year", "month" and "Deal Created by" as the dimension objects and I need two measure objects that are "count of deal created by" and "count of deal closed by". Since I can not pull the Deal Closed by Dimnesion in the table so I am not getting the proper result of the count of closed by deal data. Could you pls help me to resolve the issue?


      Currently I am using count of deal closed by="aggr(count(Deal_TakedownID),Deal_Closeby" as a formula.


      Note: For example Some deals are created by A but closed by either A or B or C


      Pls let me know if you need any more information.