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    Peek function used like rangesum in script

      Is it possible to use the peek function in the script similar to the rangesum(above()) function?


      I have the following formula in a pivot and need to transfer the same functionality to the script.

      if(rangesum(above(sum(if([Hours Code]='',[Paycor Hours])),0,RowNo()))<=40,0,
      if(rangesum(above(sum(if([Hours Code]='',[Paycor Hours])),1,RowNo()))>40,
      sum(if([Hours Code]='',[Paycor Hours])),
      if(rangesum(above(sum(if([Hours Code]='',[Paycor Hours])),1,RowNo()))<=40,
      rangesum(above(sum(if([Hours Code]='',[Paycor Hours])),0,RowNo()))-40))))
      sum(if([Hours Code]='OT',[Paycor Hours]))



      This formula is calculating Overtime over a week. I need the script to look at all the days of the previous week to current record, and then change the formula weather 40 hours has been reached. This needs to then be reset to start the process over for each new week. This will give me several fields based on each days specific row.


      standard time

      field standard time

      field overtime

      night premium

      night premium overtime

      night premium field overtime

      night premium field overtime


      Since the night premium is specific to the day that it was worked on, I need this function to calculate if at that time they had reach overtime or not. The final result is a summary for each employee, hence why I need this done on the script level