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    Set Analysis in Dynamic Expression?

    Vince Dacanay

      This statement works:

        sum({$<[STATE]=>} MEMBER_COUNT)


      It sums the member count ignore the selection in the STATE field.


      This statement does not work:

      $(='sum({$<[STATE]=>} MEMBER_COUNT)')


      That above statement will ignore the set analysis and sum the member count of only the state selected.  Am I doing something wrong here?


      I'm asking because ultimately I'm trying to get this expression to work

      $(='sum({$<['&(vIndexOnField)>&'=>} MEMBER_COUNT)')

      ...where vIndexOnField a variable that is set to 1 of 50 possible fields that I may want to index my results against the full set


      So, how do I get:    $(='sum({$<[STATE]=>} MEMBER_COUNT)') to correctly evaluate ignoring the selections made in the STATE field?  Shouldn't that evaluate the same as the first statement?