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    Changing font depending on selection

    Alex Walker

      We are working on some QlikView applications that have multi-language source data. We have hit an issue where Vietnamese characters do not display correctly when using standard fonts (showing 2 characters where there should be 1 accented character). We have found that changing the font to a special Vietnamese font means that the characters display as expected.


      However the Vietnamese font is not as clear and doesn't work quite as well across the application, so we are wanting to make it display only when Vietnamese data is being displayed. I'm not expecting to be able to change this line by line in a list box or chart - I appreciate this would be more complex or impossible. I just want it so that when a Vietnamese organisation is included, the font changes on some/all of the objects in the app.


      Ideally we could do this via an expression in the font settings, but this is not possible - you can only control font colour & style (bold / underline / italic).


      We have come up with a couple of options - create a separate user interface using the same data model but set to use the Vietnamese font or create a clone of each affected object and then conditionally show based on selections. Neither of these is ideal as it introduces a maintenance issue in the application as you have to perform any changes in 2 locations.


      I was wondering if anyone has any other ideas about how to control this. Perhaps via a macro that runs when you select a country / organisation? Perhaps a macro that runs on open and looks at the user details to see if they want to use Vietnamese fonts? Perhaps a clever use of themes?


      Ideas welcomed!