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    Master Calendar for Actuals and Budget

      Dear all,


      in my Data Model I do have multiple Dimensions linking to one single Fact table via a MasterLink table.


      The fact table is containing for all the dimension: a DATE (actually I have a Month and a Year...I'm creating the date via a makedate function) + Actuals + Budget.


      In terms of date:

      1) actuals are loaded after closing (currentyl YTD actuals are from July 2013)

      2) budget is loaded up the the year end


      My need, as many here is to:

      1- create a master calendar allowing me to split actuals and budget information by Month and Year

      2- to use set analysis in order to evaluate Month to Date / Quarter to Date / Year to Date.


      I tried multiple solutions posted in the community, including the itneresting Mr Wonderlich script. Unfortunately none corresponds to my need as:

      1) they stop the Month / Quarter creation at a maximum date set as max of the actuals

      2)  OR they create all month / quarter, BUT the YTD is uncorrectly set (I have budget infoin the fact, oftne is 31/12/2013, sometimes the load date).


      I need both YTD and year to go informations.


      Thanks in advance for your help.